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Amma's father, started a Textile showroom with an investment of Rs.600 only, after few years in business, they yielded more profit in lakhs. Amma is blessed with 3 childrens and amma lives happily and peaceful with her family. Amma archives several awards and was holding 14 position in few business organization and NGO’s. Amma thought her endowment and services should be helpful not only to her family but also to the people all over the world. She started to do social service energetically. Amma offerred jobs in her textile industry to lots of people to lift them up from their poverty line.
Reason why Amma ventured into spiritual life is because amma had received Deity Sree Mahalakshmi during her meditation in the year 2004, the inner visual appearance instructed to build a temple. To construct the holy temple, Amma had sacrificed all her success and started a new life. She was away from her family, homeland and all her achievements and fully focused on the aim to construct the temple.

After 10 years, the entire cost to constuct the temple was fully borne by Amma herself. She had faced so many struggles and risk in her life as an ordinary women who was away from her own family, relative and friends during construction. Amma fully dedicated herself to conduct medication classes, Athmalogy and blesses almost people around 19 countries to raise fund. During this time, 3 individuals had come forward to donate small amount for the temple. Apart from these 3 individuals no one had supported Amma on this temple construction. Amma also had sold most of her properties to raise the fund in constructing the temple. During those 10 years she had undergo so many criticism, rejections, disappointments and failures but today Amma still stand strong facing all this issues just because her dedication, discipline, courage, hard work and persistence on what she wanted to do.
There is no words to describe on what Amma had done in her life just to archive the goal to construct the temple for the benefit of public. As an ordinary women not everyone can take such a big burden and sacrifices their life and family for the benefits of others. And atlast the vision had come true and she had completed the construction of the temple.

Amma's some of the social Services AND POSTIONS

  • To help Poor and the poor students for their education by contributing money.
  • Conducts Eye and Blood donations in the villages.
  • Was Director for Pallavan International Lion's Club .
  • Founder & President in Kasturi Bai Womens Association (Valparai)
  • Wrote Poetry and Composition..(Perarignar Anna's elder son Perimalam Azhagan'sIlakkiya Solai Pathippagam amma was Secretary)
  • In 1993 amma donated Rs.2 Lakhs for the construction of the temple AdhiParasakthi (12b Sathan Kuttai Street, Kancheepuram)
  • Was Women's club President for 15 years without any competitor for Adhi Parasakthi Temple (1989 - 2004)
  • Honarary Advisor in Brajabith Bhramakumarigal Eshwariya Vishva Vidyalaya.
  • Offered clothes and dresses worth 2 lakhs for people affected in Flood in Orissa 1999.
  • Did medical camp and constructed auditorium in Solaiyar power house Tribal habitant people.
  • Recommended land alotment for 60 Tribal people in 1 and 1/2 acres for cultivation in Solaiyar
  • From her own Textiles (Sri Kanchi Kamatchi Textiles ) she offered 2000 Clothes for people in the year 2000 .
  • Renovationvated Ganesha temple, Madurai Veeran Temple, Karumari Amman Temple and Karuppanna Swamy Temple at Solaiyur 2 (power hosue) with 15 days celebrations
  • President - Kancheepuram Melmaruathur Women Organisation 1989 - 2004
  • District Chairman - Asian City - International Lioness Club No : 324A (Kancheepuram) Also was awarded best District Chairman. (2002 - 2003)

Amma treated both Social and divine service has her two eyes and stands with Vazhavaithu Vazhvom – "Live and let other's to Live" statement. Amma's was born in Thiruthani. And now Amma is living and treats kancheepuram as her idol place. Amma knew about Devi Mahalakshmi's Goddess power and became her deity at her age of seven. Amma changed herself as Mahalakshmi's divine –being and did many social services to the people at free of cost. People all around the world realize Mahalakshmi's Amma Policy on Vazhavaithu vazhuvom" Statement.
She organizes re-marriage for widows in her own temple. Amma is outstanding on doing Pooja's every week and in full moon days. Amma conducts computer training classes to poor students. Amma has arranged Electricity for free of cost to a village school (Parasurama Gramni Government School) in Kancheepuram after 40 years of no electricity in the school in the year 2004.

Conducts games on the eve of all International women's day for the down trodden people to create empowerment and awareness.
Amma provides free medical service – Education – School Books – operating youth organization – Oldage Home – Social service organization – widow helping center – etc. She establishs her social service in many ways.