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Karma doshas are remedied through Parihaaras

What is Karma?

Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influences the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

Sins & Sufferings

Happiness and suffering is based on the good and bad deeds done in their past births.

Generally karma parihaaras will be perfomred only in Lakshmi Narayanan temple, fortunately only at Sri Lakshmi Selvam Murthy Aalaiyam , in the world all the karma parihaaras are performed at under one roof.

List of Karma parihaaras:

For the Parihaara either the pooja items can be purchased or amount can be paid to the temple for parihaara
Pooja name of the Parihaara
Pooja items for the Parihaara
Amount for Parihaara
Fees to perform Parihaara


Karama Vinai Parikara Sandhidha Karma Required thumb hand impression, One set of old dress and new dress (Dhothi and shirt or Saree and Blouse), flower garland, Coconut, bettlenut, karporum and flower Rs. 501/- Rs. 1000/-
02 Karma Vinai Sangiyam 5 types oil (Franch oil, Cocount oil, Neelaennai, Ellapa oil and Neem oil ), Ghee for lamp ligting for Mahalaskhmi, Coconut 3 nos, flower, Pumbkin small size 3 nos , karpuram, lemon 5 nos, garland, Coconut, bettlenut, karporum and flower Rs.330/- Rs. 1000/-
03 Sarpa dosam0 One head and five head copper snake and silver snake in metal, one meter red and black cloth, 50 grams kollu, 50 gms urad dhall, turmeric, kukum, garland, Coconut, bettlenut, karporum and flower Rs. 270 Rs. 1000/-
04 Ashta Dikku palaka dosam (Vaasthu dosam) 10 cocount, 10 pumkin,10 lemon, pachai karporum 100 gms,- ( 5 fragrance --- ellakai, jathi pathri, kambu, brinji leaf, pachai karpuram) Coconut, bettlenut, karporum and flower Rs. 600 Rs. 1000/-
05 Pithuru dosam One set of dothi and towel or saree and blouse, poo malai 2, 1 ghee lamp, Coconut, bettlenut, karporum and flower

Rs.600 Rs. 1000/-
06 Kuladevathai dosamRed saree or black dhothi and padiyal ) all the above 6 dosam above from morning 9 and night sleep and go next day On that day they have to anna danam - 27 people Rs.1008 (vada payasam in plantain leaf) after 48 days or 60 days Rs. 420 Rs. 1000/-
  • The above 6 dosa perihaaras are done in no moon day (Ammavasai)
  • All the above 6 dosam perihaaras above are perfomed from morning 9 am till night and continues till next day early morning.
  • On the next day, Anna danam has to be done to 27 people.
  • Amount is Rs.1008 to be paid to temple for (Rice, sambar, pooriya, kottu, rasam, curd, pongal, vada & payasam in plantain leaf) will have served
  • After 48 days or 60 days the below perihaaras has to be performed
Astalakshmi Perihaara Dosam<
Coconut, bettlenut, karporum and flower
Rs. 1000/-
Srivenkata Karma Parihaara Homam
108 drivayam, ghee 1 kg, karporam 250 gms, homam stick, cocount, poo malai, banna, navathaniyam, kalasam etc
Rs. 1800
Rs. 1000/-
Navagrha Perihaara Dosam
Navathaniyam, Nava pushpom, Ellu satham, black cloth, based on ras thing to be purchase - list willl be provided in the temple
Rs. 5001
Rs. 1000/-
Ashstalaksmi Mahalakshmi Abishekam & Aysh Homam
Milk (5 liters)
Rs. 150
Rs. 1000/-

The above 4 dosa perihaaras are done in full moon day (Pournami)

Generally, for each parihaars in other temples, they collect Rs. 1 lakh upto 5 lakhs but only at Sri Lakshmi Selvam Murthy Aalaiyam. to reach all rich and poor people, the amount collected is only Rs. 1000 per pooja (total Rs.10,000)

To perform the above poojas the money saved in our home hundiyal can also be used.

On doing the above poojas all your problems will be solved:

  • Sorrows will vanish

  • If marriage is delayed, you will be get suitable match

  • to get pregnant

  • Children's health and education will be good, will have good memory and live happily

  • Happiness in marriage

  • Premanent employment

  • Family problems will come to an end

  • Health related problems will be cured

  • Better growth etc.

If at a time, from one family, 6 people wish to do the karma parihaara, the temple (Amma trust) will sponsor for transport for 3 days to Navagraha parihaaaram at Kumkonam, Serkazhi, Tirumancherry, Suriyanar temple, the transport facility alone will be taken care by Amma trust. Food, accomodation, pooja expenses and others are excluded.

Every indiuval across the globe can perform this pooja.

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Sriman Narayana says that the ATHMA (POWER ENERGY) from the Lord is within all while each one of us are created.

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